Say it! Proclaim it!
My name is __________
I am a virtuous woman
I exemplify courage, leadership, compassion, and humility
I have a positive self image
because I was created in the image of God
I am not anxious to be in a romantic relationship
because God is the most important man in my life
I personify grace, strength, honor
wisdom, poise and beauty
I am confident and comfortable in my own skin
I am exquisite

I am valuable
Because I recognize my worth,
I expect, command, and demand respect
I will not allow any person to use, abuse, or objectify me
I am in control of my emotions
and will not succumb to negative peer pressure
I am confident in my ability to make good decisions
I decide today to guard my heart and my health by being abstinent

I know who I am and whose I am
God has a purpose and a plan for my life
and I boldly proclaim that I will accomplish it
I forgive myself for past indiscretions
and now walk fearlessly into my destiny
I declare that my body is a temple of purity
not to be defiled by negative thoughts or deeds
I join my fellow sisters and proclaim that I am abstinent

I will not settle
I will not compromise
I will not be a statistic
I will wait for someone worthy of me,
someone who has made a lifelong commitment to me
My name is _________
And I am worth the wait